I did my video on the cheese festival.  I wanted it to capture the general atmosphere of the event so people who had not been before could watch the video and get a sense of what it’s like.  I wanted to showcase a little bit of everything – the creameries, the cheeses, the performers and the crowds.  My goals for this assignment weren’t too outstanding because I had never edited in iMovie before.  I wanted to try and take good enough footage so that even a novice like myself would be able to produce a pretty smooth final product.  I tried to use the five-shot sequence as much as possible, and I tried to remember to turn of the camera between shots instead of panning.  I also wanted to learn how to edit in iMovie and use transitions and voiceovers.

I think the most challenging part in reporting this story was simply getting all the footage I wanted.  It was very crowded at the festival, and therefore it was hard to get in the action and get closeups of people working.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how things turned out, but I would have like to used the five-shot sequence more (needed those closeups).  But for my first time, I think my video is good.  I was able to edit in transitions and to do voiceovers.  I had some trouble balancing my voice with the natural sound, but after I switched from using my Mac’s microphone to an actual digital recorder, it wasn’t a problem.  I think I also told the story well and captured the essence of the event.

I learned from this project that it is a good idea to have a story plan before you go out and start recording.  The first time we were told to shoot five minutes of video, I didn’t really have a solid plan, and my footage would have been hard to piece together.  If I were to do this assignment again, I would want to get more closeups and try using a tripod.