Headline: Vendors from all over cut the cheese in Seattle

Lede: Last weekend Seattleites had the opportunity to sample more than 200 cheeses from local, domestic and international vendors at the 2010 cheese fair.

My video is going to give viewers of taste of the cheese festival.  I want to capture the atmosphere.

First clip: No. 17 – Vendor signaling to come along and taste cheese

Second clip: No. 1, 8, 12 – signs of different booths

Third clip: No. 67, 28, 6 – clips of cheese

Fourth clip: No. 57 – WSU creamery representative

Fifth clip: No. 51, 50 – woman chopping bread, cut to woman talking about bread

Sixth clip: No. 49, 52 – signs of different booths

Seventh clip: No. 63, 64 – man doing magic tricks

Eighth clip: No. 23 – street performer

Ninth clip: No. 53, 60 – signs of different booths

Tenth clip: No. 59, 30 – cheese demonstration

Eleventh clip: No. 9, 10 – people talking about their experience at the festival, tasting

Last clip: No. 13 – people exiting the festival with their backs to the camera