One of my “good” choices was the rush for seafood video posted by The New York Times.  After analyzing this pick using the five-shot method, I still think it was done pretty well, though I realize there is still room for improvement.

There are many five-shot sequences throughout the film which makes it flow really well.  For example, in the very beginning of the clip it show a man’s hands as he prepares to eat his meal, then it cuts to his face and ends with a medium shot of him talking about the seafood in a New Orleans restaurant.

The five-shot sequence is also done in reverse.  For example, at the fish market it shows a woman talking about her work (medium shot of her face and upper body), moves down to her arms and then finally shows a close-up of her hands grabbing fish from a bucket.

Though five-shot sequences were in there a few times, the film could have had a better variety of shots.  The majority of the film focused on people cooking/working and giving testimonies.  It would have been nice for the journalist to get more scene-setting shots.  They could have zoomed out and shown the busy fish market or shown the outside of the seafood restaurant and the busy New Orleans streets.  I think the personality of the New Orleans seafood culture was captured, but it would have added to the video to give better visuals of the atmosphere surrounding it.