After reviewing a few broadcast news sites (CNN’s, KOMO’s and NBC’s), I noticed that each of them is catering to a certain demographic, and therefore they display homepage news differently.

KOMO 4’s website has a lot of Seattle area news.  The stories on the homepage are shorter, the top story is usually localized and there aren’t many editorials.  It doesn’t seem like the producers are trying to reach a specific age group, political group etc., the website simply wants to deliver quick news.

CNN’s homepage plays only national and international stories, which makes sense.  I noticed that many of the stories focus Obama, mainly casting him in a positive light, showing that CNN may lean to the left.  CNN also has investigative journalism series on its site, which I really like.  Since it has a larger staff and more funding than local stations, its staff can produce some really neat stories that local stations usually don’t have time to do.

NBC’s main site isn’t very news heavy (if were discounting MSNBC, which is on cable).  The main page for NBC plays up its television shows, funny video clips and maybe has story or two from its morning talk show Today.  Its news and sports section is actually quite sparse.  I actually would be most likely to visit this site because I like to get my actual news from newspaper sites rather than broadcast stations.  It’s obvious that NBC is trying to market themselves more as an entertainment channel than a news source.