• This video from The New York Times is a good example of a feature news story.  The editing was great.  Though no added transitions were used in between shots, the clips flow very well.  Additionally, the sound quality is very nice.  The camera person picked up great natural sizzling cooking/restaurant sounds and faded them out nicely in order to do voice overs.  Also, when the video has people giving testimonies, the camera person followed the rule of thirds when framing his or her subject like Mark Briggs suggested.
  • This video from The Seattle Times was also done well.  Briggs talks about planning out your story before you shoot, and you can tell that the cameraman did that here.  The interviews flow together very well (the speakers are nicely framed), and they all tell a story about the different types of art available at the erotic art show (followed by footage of art examples).
  • This video, also from The Seattle Times, isn’t particularly special, but I think it is a great example of breaking news footage.  The cameraman couldn’t have had a lot of time to plan out is story because he had to rush to get to the scene while investigators were still present, and yet he still managed to get a wide range of shots to recreate the atmosphere.  Like Briggs said is necessary, this cameraman got a wide shot to set the stage the of motel, medium shots, close ups and good background noise.