I decided to take my photos on Earth Day.  I thought there would be quite a bit of tabling going on in Red Square, but most of the activities were going on near the HUB.  However, I did find one group handing out recyclable/compostable Coca-Cola products.  I decided my photo “story” would be about UW students getting excited about compostable products.  My goal was to take pictures of the students handing out products, students enjoying the products and other items in Red Square that were eco-friendly such as the recycle bins.  My goal was to take pictures from many different angles because the Coca-Cola display was pretty small, and I didn’t want my viewers to get bored looking through 40 photos.

Earth Day in Red Square

The most challenging part of this assignment was getting good angles.  Many students in Red Square did not want their pictures taken, and therefore would move out of the frame or would give me dirty looks.  I actually had one person from the Coca-Cola tent come up to me and ask me what I was doing (practically telling me to leave).  So I wasn’t really comfortable laying down, or climbing up on objects to get better angles because people were already annoyed with  my presence, and I didn’t want to push it.

I think I met my story goal pretty well.  My photos are focused on the Coca-Cola event and there are many different subjects in the photos in order to keep them interesting.  However, compositionally the photos could have been better.  I wasn’t comfortable asking people to move this way or that way, and I wasn’t comfortable getting in people’s faces for close ups, so my photos did suffer a little bit.

I learned that in order to be a good photographer, you can’t care what other people think about you.  I also saw first hand that taking photos around noon really does wash out the color in the picture.  If I were to do this project again, I would check out a camera with a better lens so I could zoom in and get better shots that way.