This week I decided to follow five journalists from around the country who work in the online relm.  They’re helping journalism progress and thrive in this scary time of transition.

1. @BrentDPayne – Experienced in SEO titles!

bio: “Tribune’s Bald SEO Director. I also consult non-media companies via freelance and can even consult other media companies via Tribune. DM/Email me for details.”

2. @Bill80 – Digital master for the Chicago Tribue

bio: “I’m Chicago Tribune’s VP for Digital Stuff.”

3. @BerylLove – Experienced with webinars

bio: “Editor of the Reno Gazette-Journal. Formerly at the Cincinnati Enquirer.”

4. @csebrell – Finds way to market online communication systems

bio: “Director and owner of ITEM:Creative Group, brand champion, communications strategist, dog lover, world traveler”

5. @scottkarp – Knows about the techy side of Web publishing

bio:”CEO of Publish2, Editor of Publishing 2.0″