I found it really difficult to find photo choices that I didn’t like.  But out of all the examples, these photos were my least favorites, though I still believe them to be good.

  • This is a fun photo, but it’s a little cluttered.  The focal point is supposed to be Elvis and the Prime Minister, but my eye gets distracted by the crowd in the background.

Credit: REUTERS/Luke Macgregor

  • This photo (could not be uploaded to page) is also compelling.  It really captures a tragic moment in time.  The only critique I have is that I don’t like where the body is cut off.  It seems a little awkward to me that the man’s legs are abruptly missing.  I’m guessing the photographer wanted to fit the women’s legs in the picture on the left, so he had to do it that way, but I wish the full body was shown.
  • I don’t like the message in this photo.  To me it seems like this man and his family and struggling to survive in the United States, and the photographer captured a condescending scene.  This photo makes him and his family look ghetto; it doesn’t make him seem like a hard worker, which it sounds like he is.

Monica Almeida/The New York Times