National Honesty Day is on Friday. What are you hiding?

For my audio story I wanted to challenge myself to do something timely but also fun and creative.  I decided to look up some lesser-known holidays in April to report, and I found National Honesty Day.  National Honesty Day is celebrated on April 30th.  On that day people are encouraged to share their opinions/secrets and and be honest about important issues with their friends, families and co-workers.  For my story I wanted to interview a few people and record snippets of them admitting to funny or embarrassing secrets in order to increase awareness of the holiday.  It was my goal to be able to interview a few people and smoothly edit their voices into one story.  I knew some people would talk quieter than others, but I wanted to produce a balanced sound.  I also wanted to interview a variety of people (young, old, male, female, etc.) to give the story more authenticity.  I wanted it to feel eclectic and kooky.  I also wanted the readers to be able to hear the different voices and imagine the personalities of the interviewees.

The only reporting challenge I had was making the volume even throughout.  Two of my interviewees were farther away from the recorder, and therefore sounded faint compared to the others.  I had to play with the envelope tool a bit to enhance the volume in some places.

I accomplished my goals pretty well.  I think I gave enough information about National Honesty Day in my introduction for people to be intrigued, not bored.  I also was able to interview a good variety of people, an older male and female, a male right out of college and a current female student.  And though my Audacity was giving me a little trouble (not opening the envelope tool until the fourth try), I had very few editing woes.  I think my clips flow very well, and the volume is at a pleasant listening level.  Additionally, the sound isn’t muffled, and the speakers are easy to understand.  I like that the story is timely, but not serious.  The interviewees had fun with it and enjoyed recalling old stories for me.

Through this project I learned that simply adding more sources to an audio story makes it less dull to the ear.  My first audio story only had one source, and the back and forth between her and I seemed a little monotonous.  In this story I was able to change things up.  I also learned how to adjust the volume levels in Audacity, which was pretty cool.  If I had to do this project over, I would want to add in more ambient sound.  I tried to keep the background noises pretty quiet while I was recording, but it might have been fun to hear the cooking noises from Cathy’s clip or the sports in the background during Matthew’s clip.  Also, if the project could be longer, I would have liked to do more interviews.

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