I intern at the Seattle P-I so I’m always around the reporters there.  Naturally, when I first started a Twitter account, I started following them first.  However, this week, in order to make sure I remain unbiased, I started following some great staff reporters at The Seattle Times as well.  These folks are smart to follow because they work for a major metro daily that has both a print and online version.  It’s interesting to see how they use Twitter to promote their work.  Here’s a few of them:

1. @BrierDudley – Brier Dudley is the tech columnist for The Times.

Sample tweet:  Q&A: Bungie on “Halo: Reach” beta, Natal and more: The biggest tech product coming out of the Seattle area this ye… http://bit.ly/9U574S

2. @Andrew_Doughman – Andrew is a student at the University of Washington and recently got a gig writing for The Times.  There may be hope for the rest of us!

Sample tweet: NY Times has a helpful set of Google search tips (hey, reporters!)http://nyti.ms/drXj4J

3. @gbakermariners – Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times and writes a sports blog.

Sample tweet: Talkin’ Baseball segment coming up on KJR AM 950 within the next 5-10 minutes.:http://www.kjram.com/main.html

4. @EmilyHeffter – Emily Heffter covers politics for The Times.

Sample tweet: Final vote: 5-4 for bill with O’Brien, Licata, Rasmussen and Harrell opposing. It would take six votes to override McGinn’s expected veto.

5. @marianliu – Marian Liu covers Seattle’s music and art scene (LOVE her).

Sample tweet:  More summer jam news – Trey Songz, Fabolous and Jason Derulo are playing. More artists will be announced in the coming days on KUBE93.com