Through class discussion and my first attempt at an audio story, I learned a few tips that will help me produce a better final  project.  For my first project, I used ambient fencing sounds at the end of my clip.  I knew they weren’t as effective at the end, but I didn’t know how to fade them out at the beginning and it sounded to abrupt.  Therefore, I will try to use fading in my second project.  I also learned that it’s important to plan ahead for your interviews.  Though the audio stories are only two to three minutes, it may take 10 or so minutes of interviewing to get good, fun quotes to include in the clip.  So, it’s important to think ahead of time what direction I want my story to go in so I ask the right questions.  Lastly, I learned that in editing, that trimming outside the selected quote and deleting the excess around the quote are NOT the same thing.  My mp3 clips had a lot of extra blank space at the end of the quotes because I simply deleted the extra around some of my quotes.

For my final story, I want to do a kind of “man on the street” story and challenge myself by talking to multiple people and trying to smoothly piece their quotes together.  I found out that April 30th is National Honesty Day, so I thought it would be neat to do a story about that since it closely coincides with our due date.  I will open my story with a brief history of National Honesty Day and then talk about how people celebrate  it nationwide.  Throughout my story I will edit in clips of all sorts of people making honest disclosures, either telling a secret or owning up to a lie (think Post Secret with narration).  I think if I can put it together it will be really interesting and entertaining to listen to.

It’s a good audio story because people will get a feel for the different subjects and their personas through their tones (loud, laughing, whisper).  If it was simply written, it wouldn’t have the same effect.

If that story doesn’t work out, I think I will refine my original.  I would like to try and fade ambient sound at both the beginning and the end and add a better closing.