I found an interesting article last night called “How We Use Twitter for Journalism” written by Marshall Kirkpatrick detailing how journalists can benefit from Twitter. While most of it contained pretty basic ideas (to discover breaking news and promote headlines), it mentioned using Twitter as a comprehensive interviewing tool, which I hadn’t thought about.

Kirkpatrick wrote about his own experience using Twitter as an interviewing tool for his site “Read Write Web“:

The questions we asked for our post titled “APIs and Developer Platforms: A Discussion of the Pros and Cons, for example, recieved answers via Twitter from people like Esther Schindler, senior online editor at CIO.com, Ray Valdes, Research Director of Web Services at Gartner Inc, Chris Saad, co-founder and chairman of the Data Portability Workgroup and Raju Vegesna, of web office suite Zoho. In addition to people of such stature that we’d have to take a deep breath before being so presumptuous as to call them on the phone – our questions get interesting replies from a diverse group of people we would never have thought to ask personally.

“Read Write Web” writers also use Twitter in order to ask the public which type of interview questions they should ask upcoming interviewees.

Tweets suggesting questions for an interview with Sun Microsystem's Jonathan Schwartz.

Seems like a good tip to me.

Tweet: http://twitter.com/kemcvic/status/11714197691

Photo credit (Fair use): http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/twitter_for_journalists.php