About noon

I am in Vancouver this weekend meeting up with my best friend who has been in Washington, D.C. for a few months.  Therefore, I have been spending my time shopping, gossiping and  ignoring the outside news world.

I caught a few bits of news this morning when I was checking my e-mail.  On AOL, there is usually a running scroll of a few news stories.  I read the headlines and summaries of one about Larry King‘s possible retirement, Kristie Alley on “The Marriage Ref,” Jennifer Aniston‘s makeup secrets and  Rep. Hank Johnson.  In total, I spent maybe five minutes glancing at the stories.

About 5 p.m.

I have a few minutes before dinner, so I thought I would follow-up on some Seattle stories that were discussed at the P-I last night.  I just visited The Seattle Times‘ Web site to get updates on whether or not the local fireworks show was saved and to find out if a storm really hit Seattle this morning.  I read about the first two-thirds of each of the stories before moving on.